Comprehensive post-delivery protection against targeted email attacks, powered by machine learning and automated response capabilities.

Deep Relationship Analysis

GreatHorn’s Deep Relationship Analysis correlates deep learning and metadata information to determine whether an individual message is an attempt to deceive or phish your users, including geolocation data, relationship strength between sender and recipient, organizational who-knows-whom information, frequency of contact, and GreatHorn’s proprietary risk analysis and reputation score system.

GreatHorn is built upon the industry’s largest purpose-built threat intelligence database focused exclusively on stopping today’s targeted attacks on cloud email systems.

Emergent Threat Detection

Based on data from hundreds of millions of analyzed threat vectors, GreatHorn can identify real-world phishing attacks more rapidly and accurately than any other system, including those that combine social engineering techniques with email spoofing.

When a popular document signing platform was compromised in 2017, GreatHorn automatically identified and mitigated nearly 30,000 phishing attempts in the first 5 minutes of the attack (before any third-party vendor or industry blacklist was updated to address the breach).

Malicious File / Malware Detection

GreatHorn protects against phishing attacks by intercepting suspicious and malicious links, using the platform’s deep relationship analytics and machine-learning detection engine to proactively identify and warn users before they access potentially dangerous websites.

Administrators have access to full click tracking for suspicious and malicious URLs, post-delivery blocking capabilities, and enhanced detection of new threats — even those that have not yet been added to realtime blacklists or publicly available antivirus tools.


Only GreatHorn can combine deep relationship analysis with best-in-class malware analysis, catching threats that other solutions and traditional email gateways miss.

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