Keeping Each Other Safe (from Phishing) in the Era of COVID-19

Note: GreatHorn is offering our new “Workforce Protection Program” to organizations – Get full access to the GreatHorn Email Security platform for free for 60 days without restriction on functionality. 

As organizations worldwide are tasked with suddenly managing a 100% remote workforce, IT and security teams have been overwhelmed by the influx of critical requirements to support our teams, especially with respect to malicious phishers and attackers who are attempting to exploit the pandemic and fear around it too.

While we all do our part to practice “social distancing” as a means of slowing the pace of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we at GreatHorn are painfully aware that this enforced isolation comes with an increased reliance on email not only as a primary means of communication, but as part of critical infrastructure and lynchpin of many business processes.

This unfortunately provides cybercriminals with a ripe field for harvesting credentials, authorizing fraudulent wire transfers, and deploying ransomware widely.

Free Email Security – No Strings Attached

Today, GreatHorn is announcing the Workforce Protection Program to help you combat this increased risk: Full access to our award-winning GreatHorn Email Security platform for 60 days, completely free, and with no obligation. This includes implementation and ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of the platform and reduce your risk from your newly remote workforce.

What’s Included?

Fast, easy implementation

Our simple, API-based implementation process can get you up and running in five minutes (no mail rerouting, no MX record changes) to get you fully protected fast.

Quick, comprehensive remediation

No matter how strong and accurate your threat detection, it will never catch all emerging threats. GreatHorn’s incident response capabilities makes sure you can find and bulk remove such threats in just two clicks – no scripting required.

In-the-moment education

With our dynamic, in-the-moment warnings and reminders, employees understand the relative risk of any given email and what to look for to confirm its validity. Banners can also be used to reinforce new or existing business process rules – critically important during chaotic times. Integrated “Report Phish” functionality means your security team can triage potential threats faster.

Adaptive threat detection

GreatHorn combines traditional threat intelligence with data science and machine learning to analyze relationships, communication patterns, technical fingerprinting and more – hundreds of data points from across the GreatHorn community, making it easier and faster for us to spot emergent threats.

But we already have email security in place. Does GreatHorn still help me?

Whether or not you have email security today, GreatHorn can provide an additional layer of protection before, during, and after an email attack.

“I already have a gateway!”

Maybe you already have robust email security and just need access to our robust and accurate threat remediation tools. You’ll be able to quickly search throughout your environment, find all incidents of a threat, and bulk remove them in seconds.

“I use Google or Microsoft’s native email security”

Native tools are excellent for spam, but often fall short when it comes emergent threats and targeted attacks. GreatHorn provides you stronger protection to find and remove threats before users can see them, as well as to remediate newly identified threats in user mailboxes.

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