GreatHorn and Rhino Security Labs Offer Enterprises Integrated Social Engineering Remediation Solution

GreatHorn and Rhino Security Labs Offer Enterprises Integrated Social Engineering Remediation Solution

We are very excited to announce that GreatHorn has partnered with Rhino Security Labs to offer the world’s first truly comprehensive phishing visibility program.

By identifying both technical and human-factor vulnerabilities with GreatHorn’s advanced Inbound Email Security solution and coupling that intelligence with Rhino’s multi-vector phishing research and assessment processes, security and risk teams can now move beyond static phishing solutions and binary “allow or block” decisions into continuous, post-delivery and fully adaptive risk-based protection.

“Businesses typically consider social engineering to be an inherent risk that isn’t worth proactively addressing or as a non-risk because workers are trained via an automated ‘email testing’ service or a legacy perimeter-based secure email gateway,” said Rhino Security Labs CEO Benjamin Caudill. “Both positions are incomplete in how they identify the risks of social engineering. Our partnership with GreatHorn will provide enterprises with a nuanced view of their social engineering exposure and demonstrate how an automated, risk-appropriate remediation approach can be used to prevent cybercriminals from compromising critical data or credentials.”

“The traditional approaches to stopping advanced email attacks – both static secure email gateways and compliance-only trainings — are neither sufficient nor effective in preventing data breaches,” said GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien. “Enterprises are fighting a multi-front battle: a historic cybersecurity skills shortage and a pervasive, highly sophisticated cybercriminal threat. In order to protect their employees against the types of advanced attacks that are causing the most damage, organizations should embrace new technological approaches to programmatically identify and automatically remediate them.”

Rhino Security Labs’ techniques go beyond a simple vulnerability scan and instead utilize creative “attacks” that identify gaps within an organization’s email security posture. Once that evaluation is complete, businesses can deploy GreatHorn’s Inbound Email Security platform in less than 5 minutes to proactively detect and remediate advanced social engineering and email-based attacks. The cloud-native email security solution also offers additional features, including post-delivery protection, integrated end-user educational workflows and emergent threat protection.

We invite Security and IT leaders interested in receiving an initial risk assessment from Rhino and GreatHorn to get started with an Email Security Risk Assessment here:

Members of the GreatHorn and Rhino teams will also be onsite at RSAC2018 — stop by the GH booth (#4535 in the North Hall) or schedule a meeting with us to learn more!