Introducing the GreatHorn Threat Platform

91% of targeted attacks begin with social engineering tactics, making the protection of communication channels a critical component of any cybersecurity strategy. Over the past two years, we’ve built the first and largest machine-learning driven communication security platform – comprising hundreds of millions of uniquely analyzed messages and threat data points – and integrated our technology directly at the platform level with O365, G Suite, and Slack to provide organizations with comprehensive, cloud-native protection.

But many companies also run their own in-house applications, unique integrations, and industry-specific tools in conjunction with commercially available products – and users of these systems are also vulnerable targets of attacks like spear phishing and whaling. As the next step in providing the single most comprehensive platform for detecting and responding to advanced targeted attacks in today’s post-perimeter and cloud-first environment, we are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the GreatHorn Threat Platform: an API-based solution that extends the capabilities of our Inbound Email Security and Messaging Security products to any cloud communication platform.

Security teams today face a nearly insurmountable challenge in identifying threats that come in over an ever-changing set of channels, from email to messaging, chatops platforms to in-house chat programs. As an increasing number of enterprise workloads and systems move to the cloud, keeping up requires not just threat intelligence, but a proven dataset and machine learning engine that can automate the work of identifying patterns and responding before breaches occur.

With the launch of the GreatHorn Threat Platform (GTP, to its friends), organizations can now secure all of these environments with the same world-class protection that GreatHorn provides to email and messaging systems, coupled with the automation and response capabilities built into Inbound Email Security and Messaging Security products. We are proud to offer organizations the ability to protect themselves in both custom and emerging cloud systems without compromising the efficiency and collaboration benefits these tools offer.

The GTP provides continuous access to intelligence on both emergent and historical threats and gives security and IT teams the ability to:

  • Programmatically query the GreatHorn Data Cloud to determine if a message is suspicious based on source, type, content, or relationship
  • Automatically identify malware, ransomware, and malicious content within messaging systems
  • Identify anomalous communication patterns both within a single organization’s messaging workflows and globally via the GreatHorn Threat Platform
  • Interactively analyze specific messages for indicators of threat and/or social engineering
  • Monitor messages for common compromise techniques including display-name spoofing, domain look-alike attacks, and authentication fraud
  • Apply automated risk appropriate incident response
  • Quickly integrate hybrid and new email systems into the GreatHorn protection framework

The GTP is currently in private beta. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the platform, or to begin a trial: