New Solution Helps Enterprises Guard Against Chat-based Phishing

Betanews writes about the release of GreatHorn’s Messaging Security solution:

Slack is the largest enterprise chat platform in the world with more than 2.7 million daily active users who spend an average of 140 minutes per day using it. Not surprising then that alert attackers see it as an opportunity to expand their social engineering campaigns. The fact than many people use Slack without the IT team’s knowledge creates a further security issue.

Cloud security specialist GreatHorn is announcing its Collaboration and Chat Security product which provides security operations, analytics, and reporting for Slack deployments, as well as expanding security controls for cloud systems like Google Apps and Office 365.

“Employees from almost every large enterprise are using collaborative chat software and it’s vitally important that the same foundational controls that we see put in place to safeguard other cloud communications platforms be extended to this new ecosystem,” says GreatHorn CEO and co-founder Kevin O’Brien. Read the full story at Betanews >>