GreatHorn’s native integration with cloud email platforms provides continuous post-delivery protection without changes to mail routing or MX records. 

Seamless 5-Minute Deployment

Unlike legacy security tools that require extensive change management, MX and DNS routing adjustments, or insecure BCC-based content sharing, GreatHorn is operationalized in just minutes, without requiring any topology modifications or DNS editing to provide comprehensive mailbox protection for your entire domain.

GreatHorn can be operational with just three clicks from an administrator no changes to MX routing or BCCing of email to a vendor required.

Zero Downtime Architecture

Cloud-native protection requires unique architecture. GreatHorn is built from the ground-up to leverage cloud-native, cloud-first principles, using platform APIs to continuously identify and mitigate threats. GreatHorn can never take your email system offline — unlike old-school platforms that rely on cumbersome quarantines and end-user interaction to retrieve mail.

GreatHorn never causes email to go offline, be delayed, or lost in an outdated email quarantine.

Advanced Pre-Analysis Technology

GreatHorn’s Pre-Analysis feature allows you to protect users in realtime without interrupting your mail system’s core functionality or requiring changes to mail routing.

Through its cloud-native integration capabilities, GreatHorn identifies threat factors associated with an email’s attachments, content, sender, authentication, and delivery method and automatically applies risk- appropriate remediation actions — all before the email reaches its intended recipient. 

With GreatHorn in place, every email that users send or receive are fully analyzed, ensuring that malicious attacks are identified and addressed before they can cause damage, compromise credentials, or lead to financial or information loss.

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