GreatHorn’s cloud-native architecture enables 24/7/365 monitoring and response capabilities over all mailboxes — unlike the single-point-in-time approach of secure email gateways.

Automated Policy-Driven Remediation

The average time to response for a known attack, assuming that an information security analyst can be dedicated to research and mitigation, is 7 minutes. For an organization with hundreds of millions of emails coming in on a monthly (or in some cases weekly) basis, keeping up with anomalous messages and potential threats is impossible to do manually. 


GreatHorn’s automated policy engine reduces time to response by over 80%, often saving clients the equivalent of 3-5 FTEs in information security and reducing their phishing risk by 75%. 

Post-Delivery Incident Response

Perimeter security tools are artifacts of a different time, when infrastructure ran in a server room and email servers were something your IT team directly managed. With today’s cloud-native email hosting options, your information security team needs to be able to identify and respond to threats around the clock. 

With GreatHorn, messages can be analyzed, investigated, and even removed from inboxes at any time not just pre-delivery. 

Global Threat Policy Data

GreatHorn’s machine-learning approach and data architecture provides unmatched threat detection capabilities, aggregating de-identified data across every customer to improve the accuracy of the threat detection platform for each individual user.

With hundreds of millions of emails analyzed every week, the breadth and scope of data with which GreatHorn detects threats and removes false positives is unmatched.

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