Contain the phishing risk of your newly remote workforce.

An increase in remote work can put your business at greater risk from phishing and other advanced email threats.

Let us take care of your email security.

Get full access to the GreatHorn Email Security platform for the next 60 days – completely free and with no obligation in the future. After a quick, 5-minute deployment, you’ll get:

  • Advanced analysis that identifies even the most sophisticated threats
  • In-the-moment warnings to educate employees
  • Robust search and remediation to reduce exposure time

What’s included in the Workforce Protection Program?

Fast, Easy Implementation

Quick, Comprehensive Remediation

In-the-Moment Education

Whether or not you have a traditional email security solution in place, GreatHorn provides an additional layer of protection before, during, and after an email attack, and dramatically reduces time to detection and time to response for attacks that bypass these legacy tools.

As the world’s first and leading API-based email security product, GreatHorn’s implementation process can get you up and running in five minutes (no mail rerouting, no MX record changes, no insecure journaling or BCC access required) to get you fully protected fast.

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