Automated security operations and reporting for chat and collaboration platforms like Slack.

77% of Fortune 100 organizations use messaging platforms like Slack to drive employee collaboration and productivity.

Historically, email has been businesses’ primary communication channel — but the world is changing. As more organizations adopt “email-killer” communication apps like Slack, Teams, HipChat, and many more, security must keep pace with the expansion of the communications threat surface without getting in the way of employee productivity or collaboration.  

GreatHorn’s Messaging Security solution natively integrates with these new digital workplace tools, protecting end users across all devices, securing third party application usage, and providing Information Security and IT teams with the continuous monitoring and automated response capabilities they need to empower their organizations.

“One of my worries is that people get too comfortable communicating over chat and — with hacking being a constant battle for these applications — I needed to know the policies we set could be enforced.” Ian Cook

Head of IT, charity: water


As both the number and power of bots that connect to modern messaging systems increase, identifying imposters and enforcing governance rules is more challenging than ever.

Enforcing whitelist-only rules can help, but doing so creates a significant amount of work for administrators, requiring detailed manual analysis for every integration request.

With GreatHorn Messaging Security, organizations can easily:

  • Identify and track all new apps and bots
  • Leverage the power of the GreatHorn Data Cloud to quickly identify unusual or untrustworthy applications
  • Monitor for scope-of-access changes in realtime, across all integrations
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into who installed every app in the environment, along with each applications specific permissions
  • Enforce fine-grained access restrictions and get immediate, policy-driven, fully automated notifications when any previously prohibited integration is re-installed by a user


Messaging system credentials can be as vulnerable to theft as email accounts — and given the ability to use those credentials to add in third party services and even access previously-shared sensitive data stored in departmental channels, protecting against data exfiltration in these environments can be even more complex than in an email environment.

GreatHorn’s continuous monitoring capabilities helps protect against account compromise by:

  • Detecting anomalous account activity
  • Tracking for suspicious login locations based on time
  • Monitoring for potential compromise based on geographical location
  • Providing the ability to export data for integration into SIEM and analytical toolkits


While highly useful in enhancing team collaboration and communication, messaging platforms are subject to the same kinds of governance and compliance rules that apply to traditional email systems.

GreatHorn helps simplify the integration of those governance and compliance policies by:

  • Providing powerful keyword and pattern-based content policies
  • Integrating the content detection capabilities offered in GreatHorn’s Inbound Email Security with coverage for modern chat platforms like Slack
  • Enabling policy-driven alerting and messaging removal when sensitive content is detected
  • Providing a comprehensive audit log for sensitive content detected in both public and private channels

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