Mar 20, 2019 | Media Coverage

Podcast Episode 123: HaveIBeenPwned’s Troy Hunt on Marriott’s Big Mess and GreatHorn on the Asymmetric Threat of Email

Marriott International acquired more than a chain of hotels when it bought Starwood three years ago: it acquired a whopper of a security compromise. This week we – almost four...

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Mar 13, 2019 | Media Coverage

GreatHorn Swoops In From The Cloud To Stop Phishing Attacks

Kevin O’Brien, co-founder and CEO of GreatHorn explains that today companies rarely have servers. “That means email servers are now in the cloud,” O’Brien said. “Hackers know this. Today over...

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Mar 01, 2019 | Media Coverage

New infosec products of the week: March 1, 2019

GreatHorn announced the capability to analyze and assess the authenticity of Office 365 and G Suite login pages embedded in emails received by users. The new release further protects GreatHorn...

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Feb 28, 2019 | Media Coverage

GreatHorn Protects Users From the Large Variety of Microsoft and Google Credential Theft Attacks

By incorporating advanced computer vision into its threat protection platform, GreatHorn is continuing to lead innovation in the email security market, using vision-based credential theft recognition to identify malicious sites...

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Feb 28, 2019 | Media Coverage

Best security software: How 18 cutting-edge tools tackle today’s threats

We wanted to dive into the newest cybersecurity products and services from those hot categories that Gartner identified, reviewing some of the most innovative and useful from each group. Read...

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Feb 27, 2019 | Media Coverage

The Phishing Campaign That Uses Variations of Attack Patterns To Evade Detection

Researchers have come across a peculiar phishing campaign delivering Trojans to target machines. This sounds similar to any other phishing campaigns. However, GreatHorn revealed a malware campaign going on with distinguishable,...

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Feb 22, 2019 | Media Coverage

Trojan Attack Masked as Payment Confirmation

According to researchers at GreatHorn, a sophisticated attack is leveraging the ability to evade detection with the use of a rapidly changing Trojan attack pattern. The research team identified what it...

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Feb 11, 2019 | Media Coverage

Taking Back Your Privacy: Stop Social Media Snooping

Your privacy is for sale and it’s being compromised. What you think is secret online, may not be. Read the complete article from Leslie Gaydos on NBC Boston’s website

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Feb 08, 2019 | Media Coverage

Weekly Threat Report 8th February 2019

Deliveroo customers have reported that their accounts have been accessed, delivery addresses added and orders made without their knowledge or consent. Scammers are reportedly ordering huge quantities of food and...

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Feb 06, 2019 | Media Coverage

Sophisticated New Phishing Campaign Targets The C-suite

A new phishing campaign to steal login credentials is being launched on businesses – specifically the C-suite. Researchers at GreatHorn first discovered the campaign which targets senior executives by claiming...

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Feb 05, 2019 | Media Coverage

Sophisticated New Phishing Campaign Targets the C-Suite

According to the researchers, the attack appears to be hitting organisations of different sizes and from various industries. The email always has the same content, subject line and sender address,...

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