[Webinar with Hospitality Tech] Securing Hospitality

Securing Hospitality: Insights & Instructive Guidance from the 2020 Hotel & Restaurant Security Study

Hospitality has been a top target of hackers for several years as data-rich systems are a siren song for hackers and sluggish security rollouts add fuel to the fire. In the 2020 Hotel & Restaurant Security Study, hospitality operators pull back the curtain on security investments, strategy and frustration points to provide a fuller picture of the state of security in hospitality.  In this webinar, study analysts and authors will provide added insights to key findings such as why 1 out of 3 restaurants think alternative payments will be a game changer for security and how the 35% of hotels that say they’ve been breached respond to the hacks. Security experts from sponsoring companies GreatHorn and Netsurion, as well as operators from leading hotel and restaurant companies will join the writers for a panel discussion.

What you’ll learn:

  • Top ways restaurants and hotels are alerted to breaches
  • Security measures restaurants and hotels have and where they plan to invest
  • What current security investments leave to be desired
  • Size of security budgets as a portion of overall IT budgets
  • And more!


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