[Video] GreatHorn in Two Minutes

In this two-minute video, GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien explains how GreatHorn’s approach fundamentally changes the effectiveness of email security.


Kevin O’Brien, CEO and co-founder, GreatHorn:
At GreatHorn, we think about the email security problem differently. Traditional technologies have focused exclusively on prevention. They are perimeter security tools that block mail and prevent it from reaching users. GreatHorn thinks about comprehensive threat protection, meaning that both pre- and post-delivery, before and after a message has been received by an organization, even before and after a particular component of a message, like a URL, has been weaponized and turned into a security threat, GreatHorn can identify the static characteristics — such as the sending IPs, or the malicious actors who might be executing a phishing campaign — as well as the dynamic characteristics — relationship and reputation data, both at the user and organizational level — to identify and remove emergent patterns of threat before they reach those static providers lists.

In a given month, GreatHorn will analyze hundreds of millions of emails, meaning that the telemetry that it can bring to bear on finding these kinds of emergent threat patterns, and then applying both automated and manual remediation to them, is unparalleled, especially in comparison to legacy technologies. By applying advanced sandboxing and isolation techniques in conjunction with this analysis heuristics engine, GreatHorn provides a comprehensive security approach to a problem that is still typified by static perimeter defenses. By building a platform with the scale and breadth of the cloud behind it, coupled with the heuristics and machine learning that GreatHorn use to identify and provide protection from today’s advanced threats, it is possible for an organization to communicate confidently, to trust that every message they receive is one that is authentic, and to know that they will not be subject to a business email compromise or a phishing attack that goes unrecognized until it’s too late.

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