Cloud-Native Architecture - GreatHorn

Cloud Architecture

GreatHorn’s native integration with cloud email platforms provides continuous protection without changes to mail routing or MX records.

Cloud-Native Email Security

Cloud-native often makes us think first of the common cloud-native benefits like deployment simplicity and availability advantages. With email security, however, there’s so much more. Our direct connection via cloud email APIs enables us to manage threat response more intelligently.

In addition, we see internal mail with the same ease and visibility as inbound mail—making it even easier to spot account compromise.

Seamless 5-Minute Deployment

GreatHorn is operationalized in just minutes. Unlike legacy security tools that require extensive change management, MX and DNS routing adjustments, or insecure BCC-based content sharing, GreatHorn doesn’t require any topology modifications or DNS editing to provide comprehensive mailbox protection for your entire domain.

GreatHorn can be operational with just three clicks from an administrator—no changes to MX routing or BCCing of email to a vendor required.

Zero-Downtime Architecture

Cloud-native protection requires unique architecture. GreatHorn is built from the ground-up to leverage cloud-native, cloud-first principles, using platform APIs to continuously identify and mitigate threats. GreatHorn can never take your email system offline—unlike old-school platforms that rely on cumbersome quarantines and end-user interaction to retrieve mail.

GreatHorn never causes email to go offline, be delayed, or lost in an outdated email quarantine.

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