GreatHorn Link Protection

Safeguard your employees from credential theft and
compromised websites

Go Beyond Threat Detection

Email addresses are not just for exchanging emails. As companies increasingly rely on cloud apps, infrastructure, and collaboration tools, the email addresses of their employees have become a unified set of credentials that provide access to these services. Cybercriminals have exponentially increased the frequency and sophistication of credential theft attacks that are designed to gain access to these same services.

GreatHorn Link Protection combines traditional threat detection with risk evaluation and protection strategies to ensure that your employees, your organization, and your data are safe, no matter what device or platform.

Powerful Defense Against
Today’s Most Dangerous Threats

The greatest dangers to your organization aren’t the attack websites added to an industry blacklist yesterday. They’re the ones that nobody has flagged as malicious yet.

Unlike traditional blocking solutions, GreatHorn Link Protection provides true, in-depth defense against credential theft and malicious website attacks by combining predictive analytics and multi-factor threat analysis with industry-leading threat intelligence to stop even the newest attacks, hours before any other solution can take action.


  • Comparison against known malicious links
  • Identification of suspicious links


  • Contextual warning about security risks
  • Realtime alerting to both admins and
    email users of potential threats
  • Rewritten/Sandboxed URLs


  • Real-time link analysis
  • Warning page for suspicious links with
    browser-isolated preview
  • Block page for malicious links
  • Time-of-click logging/admin alerts for
    all URLs


  • Full visibility into exposure
  • Robust search based on URL
  • Post-delivery email removal

Beyond Malicious:
Identifying Suspicious Links

Not every malicious link announces its intent. This is why you need email security that looks at more than just threat intelligence. GreatHorn’s adaptive threat detection capabilities combine threat intelligence, advanced spoofing detection, and a deep understanding of your organization’s communication patterns to identify suspicious links as well as malicious ones.

With time-of-click analysis and isolated web page previews, GreatHorn ensures end users have the context to determine the safety of a suspicious link—without impeding business operations.

Link Protection,
Not Business Prevention

Legitimate administrative alerts from cloud apps and collaboration software have become commonplace—often undoing security awareness training around link safety. Limitations in email security solutions often result in either weak protections based on threat intelligence alone or aggressive blocking, often of legitimate email and notifications.

With GreatHorn’s turnkey link defense, you can rest assured that your employees have the context they need to choose which links to interact with. And if they choose poorly, you have exposure data you need to limit risk to the organization as a whole.

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Link-based attacks expose sensitive data and intellectual property, while also giving cybercriminals access to systems infrastructure or financial systems. GreatHorn protects against both malicious URLs and credential theft attempts by using fully automated URL sandboxing, with mailbox-/user-level click-tracking, administrative alerting, and credential theft threat isolation.

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