Phuck Phish Podcast: Episode 1

Typosquatting Ahead of US Elections; Email-based Malware Campaigns

September 29, 2020: 32 minutes

In this episode, we will discuss typosquatting where domains which feature common mistakes that can be made when typing real URLS, is being used in a malicious way by attackers. With the US elections around the corner, these types of attacks will only intensify. Plus, email-based malware campaigns are on the rise. Distribution campaigns targeting businesses with payloads aim to evade email protection within organizations.

Podcast Guests:

John Trest, Chief Learning Officer, Inspired eLearning
Barry Jones, Director of Software, dmarcian

About This Show:

Phuck Phish is a news and analysis podcast focused on keeping CISOs and other security professionals up to date with the latest trends and tips on avoiding phishing attacks and keeping their organizations secure.


Rob Mitchell, Manager of Messaging Security, GreatHorn

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