Microsoft Office 365 Email Security with Seamless API Deployment

  • Be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
  • Out-of-the-box default risk types for immediate protection.
  • No changes to mail routing or MX records, unlike secure email gateways, so mail always gets to your users.
  • Deep relationship analytics, using Machine Learning, to detect business email compromise and account compromise.
  • The only solution to provide pre-analysis to detect and apply automated remediation prior to delivery to an end user’s inbox.
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Anti-Phishing Email Security for Microsoft Office 365

GreatHorn provides a simplified layer of sophisticated anti-phishing detection and response to complement Native Microsoft 365 capabilities, including Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection.

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Detect and Remediate Internal Spear Phishing and Account Compromise

GreatHorn provides organizations with the only defense available to validate the identity of a sender using biometric authentication, eliminating internal spear phishing and account compromise, preventing data breaches.

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Enable End Users

Provide end users with a multi-layered approach using contextual information users need, with real-time customized smart banners, Mailbox Intelligence and suspicious link warning pages.

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Simplify Detection and Response

GreatHorn provides complete visibility across the native Microsoft Office 365 environment, allowing teams reducing the time to detect and respond to phishing attacks to seconds.

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Learn more about how GreatHorn can simplify cloud email security for Microsoft 365 to detect and remediate advanced threats.
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