Product Plans

GreatHorn product offerings are designed to support the level of email protection needed for your organization. If you would like more information on plans and pricing, please contact us.

GreatHorn Cloud Security Platform

  • SMBs looking to engage employees in phish reporting.
  • Manual remediation steps on employee-reported phish for Administrators.
  • Default threat detection for automated quarantine.
  • Full access to GreatHorn Support Knowledgebase.

GreatHorn Cloud Security Platform

  • Starter +
  • Ideal for organizations devoting more focus to expanding beyond native email security controls.
  • Real-time detection and response capabilities for improved incident response.
  • Customer Support team for seamless on-boarding.
  • Advanced customization tailored to an organization’s threat landscape.
  • Expanded event data retention.

GreatHorn Cloud Security Platform

  • Basic +
  • Best-in-class email security for organizations serious about threat detection and response.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager, delivering continuous guidance and recommendations.
  • Full suite of capabilities for complete coverage, including advanced link and file protection.
  • RESTful API access for integration into existing security solutions or any pre-built GreatHorn integrations.
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