Detecting Email Account Compromise with GreatHorn

GreatHorn Account Takeover Protection is the only solution that provides biometric authentication to verify employee identities; detecting and remediating compromised accounts to eliminate internal spearphishing.

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Verify Employee Identification

Use biometric authentication to capture an employee’s unique typing pattern to verify employee identities, including keystroke speed, pressure, and timing, to reduce exposure from any compromised accounts.

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Credential Theft Detection

To minimize the credential harvesting attacks that lead to Account Takeovers and subsequent internal spearphishing, GreatHorn offers Link Protection that prevents employees from accessing password-stealing accounts by using computer vision to analyze suspicious links.

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Behavioral Analytics

GreatHorn analyzes all communication patterns between senders and recipients using behavioral analytics within our AI and ML models, providing organizations with immediate detection and insight into anomalous emails.

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See how GreatHorn detects internal spearphishing, email account compromise and business email compromise within Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
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