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GreatHorn uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately identify risk areas, threat patterns, and zero-day phishing attacks, allowing organizations to respond in seconds.

Mitigate the Risk of Phishing Attacks to Protect Your Organization From:

Malicious and Suspicious URLs

Combining threat intelligence, advanced spoof detection and your organization’s communication patterns, GreatHorn allows you to immediately identify suspicious and malicious links.

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Business Email Compromise

GreatHorn’s adaptive threat analytics uses machine learning and data science to quickly and automatically learn the legitimate communication pattern specific to each sender and recipient, making it easy to identify anomalous emails.

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Account Takeovers

Using biometric authentication, GreatHorn eliminates the risk of compromised accounts by verifying a sender’s identity across mobile, desktop, and web interfaces.

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From relationship analytics to communication patterns, technical fingerprints to emerging threats, GreatHorn analyzes hundreds of data points to accurately detect sophisticated impersonation attacks.

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Malicious Payloads

Applying a defense-in-depth strategy, GreatHorn detects attachment-based payloads and malicious websites, including time-of-click analysis, to minimize the risk of zero-day attacks.

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Credential Theft

Unlike traditional blocking solutions, GreatHorn layers your protection against credential harvesting attacks by applying real-time link analysis, URL rewriting, warning pages, and time-of-click logging.

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4.7 out of 5 Overall

“GreatHorn reduces risk of phishing.”

— Information Security Officer in the Finance Industry

4.7 out of 5 Overall

“Great tool for avoiding fraudulent email. Exceeds capabilities of Gmail & Outlook.”

— IT Accounts Analyst in the Education Industry

4.7 out of 5 Overall

“GreatHorn perfectly combines power and flexibility with the simplicity of an API solution.”

— Director Of IT in the Services Industry

Detect and block attacks before they reach end users.
Reduce attack engagement by warning users during an attack of potential threats.
Limit exposure by automating incident response and remediation after an attack.

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GreatHorn provides the most comprehensive email security platform built on facts, giving organizations the sophisticated email security control required today.

“We’ve gone from detecting and responding to business email compromise within 48 hours at best, to having instant alerts, able to catch these events in real time.

In a recent example, we mitigated a BEC attack within five minutes. We couldn’t have done that without GreatHorn.”

Former Global Security Leader

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