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“GreatHorn gives you the confidence that your business, your people, and your communications are safe.”

Jeff Kohrman

Founder and CEO, eCISO

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“I used to worry about email as a threat vector. But since we started working with GreatHorn, email security doesn’t keep me up at night.”

Jason Shane, Vice President of IT at Hersha Hospitality Management

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GreatHorn combines patented threat detection, continuous monitoring, end-user education, and integrated remediation capabilities into one, comprehensive platform.


Adaptive, anomaly-based protection from phishing and social engineering attacks. GreatHorn learns your individual communication patterns, adjusting to identify deviations typical of attack patterns.


Provide your employees with greater security awareness and customized controls to empower and transform them into valuable components of your organization’s defense strategy.


No more PowerShell scripts. Simplify email incident response with GreatHorn’s one-click removal and claw-back, post-delivery monitoring, and automated threat management.

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