Organizations using Office 365 and G Suite turn to GreatHorn to protect against today’s greatest cybersecurity threats—targeted phishing attacks, business email compromise, malware and ransomware.

About Us

Cloud email calls for cloud-native email security.

Office 365 and G Suite require a modern, cloud native email security solution to protect against advanced threats, which legacy email gateway technology just isn’t designed to catch. Only GreatHorn delivers a next generation email security platform purpose-built for cloud-based communications systems.

Built on a foundation of machine learning and automation, GreatHorn delivers the industry’s most effective and comprehensive email security solution, and can be deployed and operational in less than 5 minutes. With its proprietary dataset built from hundreds of millions of uniquely analyzed threats, GreatHorn combines the intelligence, fidelity and precision necessary to prevent attacks from becoming breaches.

Why GreatHorn?

Our Philosophy

We know there’s no silver bullet. That’s why we built GreatHorn as a risk management platform rather than just a threat blocking one. As a result, we can proactively protect organizations before (at the perimeter), during (the point of engagement), and after (incident remediation) an email attack.

Our Technology

GreatHorn automatically adapts to each organization with continuous analysis of hundreds of risk factors that evaluate relationships, communication patterns, technical fingerprints, and more – providing protection that’s unique to sender and recipient organizations.

Our Mission to Empower

GreatHorn recognizes that employees, when given the right context, can identify hard-to-detect threats better than technology can. We give those employees that context, and we also give your security teams the power to adjust their risk tolerance and quickly respond to emerging attacks.