Your clients deserve the truth.

We partner with the best-of-breed service partners, offering a customized and fully integrated solution to manage your client’s email environment. GreatHorn’s fact-based approach to managing the most prolific threat vector – email – allows you to detect risk in seconds and respond, giving your customers the security they deserve.

With GreatHorn’s API to G-Suite and o365 cloud email platforms, you get up and running in minutes to begin serving your clients. And, with our multi-tenant platform, you maintain a streamlined approach to managing all of your clients.

As a partner, GreatHorn is committed to your success, providing technical support, training, and resources to minimize your customers’ email risk – strengthening your ability to detect and respond to phishing attacks.


As an MSP/MSSP partner, GreatHorn can help deliver differentiated services through:

  • Flexible integrations.
  • Centrally managed monitoring and alerts for your team across all of your clients.
  • GreatHorn dedicated expert support for on-boarding, training and customization.

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