Automated and Layered Email Security Approach:
Protect Your Customers From Sophisticated Attacks

We partner with the best-of-breed service partners, offering a customized and fully integrated solution to manage your client’s email environment. GreatHorn’s fact-based approach to managing the most prolific threat vector – email – allows you to detect risk in seconds and respond, giving your customers the security they deserve.

With GreatHorn’s API to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud email platforms, you get up and running in minutes to begin serving your clients. And, with our multi-tenant platform, you maintain a streamlined approach to managing all of your clients.

As a partner, GreatHorn is committed to your success, providing technical support, training, and resources to minimize your customers’ email risk – strengthening your ability to detect and respond to phishing attacks.

Benefits for GreatHorn’s Partner Program

multi-tenant deployment icon

Multi-tenant Deployment

training support icon

Training and Support

deal registration icon

Deal Registration

tiered pricing icon

Tiered Pricing

flexible monthly billing icon

Flexible Monthly Billing

prebuilt integrations icon

Prebuilt Integrations

Benefits for your Customers

immediate integration and deployment icon

Immediate integration and deployment

prebuilt integrations and playbooks icon

Prebuilt integrations and Playbooks for Security Awareness Training, SOAR, SIEM

end user education icon

End User Education (Smart Banners, Smart Links and much more)

advanced anomaly detection icon

Advanced Anomaly Detection for Sophisticated Attacks (BEC, Whaling, Zero-Day and much more)

search and remediation icon

Simplified search and remediation – removing threats in seconds

account takeover protection icon

Protection against Account Takeovers

community threat protection icon

Community Threat Protection

cloud based api icon

Cloud-based API for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

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