GreatHorn Offers Free Email Protection for 60 Days

Program Offers Advanced Email Threat Detection and Remediation to Protect Remote Workers Displaced by COVID-19 Pandemic

WALTHAM, MA—March 17, 2020—GreatHorn, the leading cloud email security provider, today announced it will provide 60 days of free, unrestricted access to the GreatHorn Email Security platform to give business leaders and employees peace of mind as they navigate changes to work and business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To limit the spread of illness, organizations around the world have asked employees to work at home. The unprecedented—and unplanned—move to a 100% remote workforce relies heavily on cloud-based platforms such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 (O365) for both communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, this disruption in normal work habits and location brings with it inherent risk, as distributed employees rely more heavily on email for communications, and critical business processes break due to these changes.

Malicious actors have responded to this turmoil by launching sophisticated, targeted attacks to take advantage of unprepared employees amid the ongoing crisis. At a time of heightened risk, organizations need advanced threat and remediation capabilities that are immediately able to provide value.

GreatHorn’s Workforce Protection Program is available at no cost and with no commitment to organizations using G Suite or O365. GreatHorn Email Security can be deployed and operational in less than five minutes to provide industry-leading cloud-native email security and remediation capabilities.

“This is an unprecedented time, and business leaders are facing important, yet difficult decisions about employee health, customer support, and day-to-day operations,” said Kevin O’Brien, co-founder and CEO, GreatHorn. “We want to offer peace of mind for organizations using cloud-based email by providing unrestricted access to our email threat protection and remediation platform while they navigate necessary changes to business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

GreatHorn helps organizations manage risk from targeted phishing, business email compromise, and other email-borne attacks with a platform that supports the entire email security lifecycle. Advanced analysis capabilities detect even the most sophisticated threats and in-the-moment warnings provide employees with the context they need to make smarter decisions about potential threats. Advanced remediation tools enable response teams to remove malicious emails from the environment within minutes, limiting exposure and measurably minimize risk, which is crucial to protecting a remote workforce.

Register now for GreatHorn’s Workforce Protection Program or visit GreatHorn’s blog for more information about email security for remote employees.

About GreatHorn

Global 2000 companies use GreatHorn to reduce the inherent and pervasive risk associated with the everyday use of email. GreatHorn’s multilayered approach to email security automatically combines data science, machine learning techniques, and technical analysis with human context to protect organizations before, during, and after a phishing attack.

By treating email security as a risk management function, customers can not only detect and remove more attacks but also warn users in real time of potential threats and provide response teams with the tools to limit exposure and minimize risk. As a result, GreatHorn Email Security safeguards cloud email from advanced threats such as business email compromise, impersonations, credential theft, account takeover, and other phishing attacks.

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