GreatHorn Email Security

Comprehensive protection before, during, and after an email attack.

The greatest threats to your organization don’t come in clearly marked packages.

GreatHorn sees what others miss. Our patented detection technology offers deep relationship and content analytics to identify advanced threats more accurately than purely reactive detection methods. 


“GreatHorn not only identifies more threats than other product, it also provides us with easy remediation capabilities in the rare event that it misses something. ”

Yoel Alvarez, Hersha Hospitality Management

Comprehensive Email Security—
No Exceptions.

From missed executive impersonations and credential theft attempts to wasted hours spent reviewing quarantine folders and writing PowerShell scripts, email security can be a source of both frustration and risk.

Built specifically for cloud email and designed to protect against both sophisticated phishing attacks and fast-moving zero-day threats, GreatHorn directly connects to your Office 365 or G Suite email environment—in as little as 5 minutes.  

Protection Against Every Threat.

By automating detection, remediation, and incident response, GreatHorn gives you a straightforward, effective, and comprehensive email security solution.

No MX record changes. No PowerShell scripts. No exposure. No exceptions.

Protecting both internal and external emailbefore, during, and after an email attack.

Returning trust to the inbox and time to information security teams with a single, comprehensive platform that offers adaptive threat detection, automated protection, “in the moment of risk” user engagement, and integrated incident response capabilities.


Organizations can no longer afford to rely on a legacy detect/quarantine model that assumes a 99.99% “catch-rate.” By integrating incident response capabilities, GreatHorn minimizes exposure by enabling swift elimination of threats.


When applying Adaptive Threat Detection, GreatHorn enables the flexibility to disposition malicious and suspicious emails based on your risk tolerance. Combined with link rewriting, this automated protection ensures your employees are protected.


GreatHorn provides digestible insights into every email to help end users make better decisions. Also, GreatHorn’s built-in “Report-as-Phish” capabilities contribute to your security posture.

| Why GreatHorn?

Our Philosophy

We know there’s no silver bullet. That’s why we built the GreatHorn email threat detection and response platform to not only detect/block malicious email threats, but to protect organizations proactively before (at the perimeter), during (the point of engagement), and after (incident remediation) an email attack.

Our Technology

GreatHorn automatically adapts to each organization, with out-of-the-box spoofing detection and anomaly-based detection models that evaluate relationships, communication patterns, and technical fingerprints unique to sender and recipient organizations.

Our Mission to Empower

GreatHorn recognizes that users, when given the right context, are often the most well-suited for identifying hard-to-detect threats. By using easy-to-understand, digestible warnings, users can contribute to an organization’s security posture rather than detract from it.