GreatHorn Email Security

Manage risk from targeted phishing, business email compromise, and other email-borne attacks with a platform that supports the entire email security lifecycle

Manage Risk Throughout the Email Security Lifecycle 

When you want to balance business operations with managing risk exposure, “better detection” isn’t enough.

Of course GreatHorn Email Security’s four layers of defense—Analyze, Detect, Protect, and Respond—identifies and removes advanced threats.

But we also provide employees with in-the-moment warnings that measurably reduce engagement with potential phish.

And we give security teams a robust set of search and remediation tools so they can stop an attack—fast. 


From relationship analytics to communication patterns, technical fingerprints to emerging threats, GreatHorn analyzes hundreds of data points, combining data unique to each sender and recipient to accurately identify sophisticated threats better than any other platform.

We also expose that analysis to you so that you can easily build on our robust database with customized threat identification rules that target risk combinations most relevant to your organization. 


GreatHorn’s analysis feeds into our recommended actions to quarantine confirmed threats or provide visual tags and warnings on suspicious ones. 

You can easily visualize email risk and determine automatically how to treat it – adjusting our default actions or using our enterprise controls to identify and adjust actions appropriate to your risk tolerance.


Many advanced threats look just like regular mail – but usually have suspicious characteristics difficult for a human to notice without help.

When exposed to these risk factors, employees can spot phishing threats more accurately than any other solution. GreatHorn gives them the right context, at the right time, so they can make the right decision.

GreatHorn’s in-the-moment education allows you to balance your risk tolerance with a reduction in false positive rates without increasing your exposure.


When an attack hits, GreatHorn’s robust response tools helps you identify the scope of an attack and remediate all incidents of the threat in seconds – no scripting required.

Administrators have access to full-click tracking for suspicious and malicious URLs, post-delivery blocking capabilities, and enhanced detection of new threats—even those that have not yet been added to real-time blacklists or publicly available antivirus tools.

Email Security for the Real World 

By treating email security as a risk management function, you can not only detect and remove more attacks but also warn your employees in real time of potential threats and provide response teams with the tools to limit exposure and minimize risk.

“GreatHorn gives you the confidence that your business, your people, and your communications are safe.”

Jeff Kohrman

former head of global security, HashiCorp

Why GreatHorn?

Our Philosophy

We know there’s no silver bullet. That’s why we built GreatHorn as a risk management platform rather than just a threat blocking one. As a result, we can proactively protect organizations before (at the perimeter), during (the point of engagement), and after (incident remediation) an email attack.

Our Technology

GreatHorn automatically adapts to each organization with continuous analysis of hundreds of risk factors that evaluate relationships, communication patterns, technical fingerprints, and more – providing protection that’s unique to sender and recipient organizations.

Our Mission to Empower

GreatHorn recognizes that employees, when given the right context, can identify hard-to-detect threats better than technology can. We give those employees that context, and we also give your security teams the power to adjust their risk tolerance and quickly respond to emerging attacks.

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