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Educate, engage, and empower your employees to become a part of your security defenses.

Humans: Email Security’s
Last Best Defense

When it comes to securing your organization, employee behaviors can often be a source of both unnecessary risk and concern.

Yet when it comes to protecting against business email compromise, impersonation, brand lookalikes, and advanced business service spoofing attacks, those very employees—if given the right context and information—can be your best, last line of defense.

With GreatHorn Reporter, you provide users with personalized security context to make better risk decisions at the moment they open and interact with their messages.

Human Intelligence for
Better Intelligence

As a core component of the GreatHorn Email Security Platform, GreatHorn Reporter delivers employees digestible insight into every email to:

  • Provide stop-light visibility into any sender’s trustworthiness
  • Warn against potential threats
  • Evaluate the risk of every embedded link within the email.

This personalized security context not only helps employees make better decisions about interacting with a given email, but also helps them meaningfully contribute to the organization’s security posture with GreatHorn Reporter’s built-in “Report as Phish” capabilities. Employees can easily report phish, remove spam, and even create personalized block lists to reduce unwanted mail.

In-Context Training Drives
More Secure Behavior

GreatHorn Reporter complements existing security awareness training by providing real-time, actionable insight into the trustworthiness of a given email. Your employees get visibility into risk factors in an easy-to-understand format.

1 in 25 people will click on any given phishing attack. We think that number is way too high. GreatHorn Reporter trains your employees to recognize real-world phishing attempts–without ever increasing your risk profile.

Full Integration with
GreatHorn Email Security

In addition to the user-level defense that GreatHorn Reporter provides, customers of GreatHorn Email Security also get administrative view of what’s happening on the mailbox level, with insights into phishing reports, spam messages, and individual block lists.

GreatHorn incorporates user feedback into our threat detection and risk assessment algorithms. Administrators can take this one step further by using the data to finely tune GreatHorn Email Security’s threat defense actions based on user feedback.