Safeguard Your Clients’ Email Communications with our Advanced Cloud-based Security Solution

Protect Against More Sophisticated Threats

Phishing is getting smarter—so should your email security offering. Stay ahead of hackers by providing clients with the most comprehensive email threat protection tool on the market.

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De-risk Your Business with Layers of Protection

Strengthen your security offering with powerful anti-phishing software that goes beyond the abilities of other popular frameworks. It’s the only solution that can spot and remediate fraudulent emails before they get to your inbox!

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Save Time by Streamlining Processes

Offer your clients a user-friendly threat detection software designed to simplify their email protection workflows for maximum efficiency, so they can cross phishing off their list of things to worry about for good.

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Integrate Seamlessly with Your Email Security Stack

Easily sync up your existing email security tools with our advanced anti-phishing platform for total visibility and protection. Our software integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

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“GreatHorn perfectly combines power and flexibility with the simplicity of an API solution.”

Director of IT, Services Industry

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