Interview with MuleSoft [Video]

Customer Spotlight: Mike Hamilton, Head of IT at MuleSoft

In this short video, MuleSoft’s Head of IT Mike Hamilton talks about why he turned to GreatHorn for email security, the importance of protecting against sophisticated phishing attacks, and the benefits he’s seen over perimeter-based email protection solutions.


I’m Mike Hamilton. I’m the Head of IT for MuleSoft. MuleSoft is a company that builds application networks. We allow our customers to accelerate their business through automation and through really uncovering the data that they have.

It’s easy to think that legacy email protection solutions are going to work in a cloud-first world, but the reality of the matter is, is that legacy email solutions are focused on the notion of a perimeter, and that perimeter isn’t the same anymore. Phishing in general is a very disruptive form of attack and its cost-of-entry is so low that really the best benefit I get of GreatHorn is knowing that I’m doing the best possible thing for the business at this point in time that I can do to give my users some peace of mind and some certainty that they can just continue their work and not have to worry about this.

One of the things that excited me about GreatHorn is that across the customer base of what they cover, I get the benefit of everything they’ve seen, not just what they’ve seen in my environment. One of the appealing components of GreatHorn was implementation. The idea that we could point this at our email solution and just sort of start adding value right away without necessarily taking action, to me was one of the greatest things you can ask for.

If you think you’re getting a lot of safety from the provider of your email service, you’d be surprised at how little you’re actually getting. It’s this extra layer that has the focus of people who understand the space applied to it that really gives you the most value, and it allows me to be at the next level of protecting my business, instead of just checking a box on the compliance form that we have something.


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