Attackers are Targeting your People

As a technology company, you’re focused on innovation. And, your employees are driving results at a pace that puts them at an increased chance of mistakes. Attackers know your employees are your lowest level of defense, which is why phishing is the most prevalent attack vector used by cybercriminals. Unfortunately, organizations often rely on traditional email security solutions. But these solutions are rendered defenseless against advanced social engineering and malware attacks – making technology companies a target for phishing, BEC and Account Takeover attacks.​

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Manage Risk With a Layered Approach to Email Security

We recognize there is no single solution to advanced email threats. Unlike SEGs, designed for threat detection and blocking at the perimeter, GreatHorn uses a layered approach to detect and respond to threats, giving you:

  • Adaptive Threat Detection at the moment of detection: using methods that continuously identify hard-to-detect phishing threats
  • User Education at the moment of engagement: to help employees make better decisions at the moment of the attack
  • Incident Response and Remediation at the moment of exposure: to more efficiently and effectively limit your risk exposure without slowing down business operations

Manage Risk With a Layered Approach to Email Security

GreatHorn provides your organization with an analytical toolkit that automatically and continuously measures risk and reacts to it through a set of automated and reactive controls.

Technology Stack for Today’s Advanced Threats

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Cloud-Native Email Protection

Provide an additional layer of protection to secure cloud-native email platforms. 

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Anomaly-Based Threat Detection

Integrate deep relationship analytics with user and organizational profiling.

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In-the-Moment Education

Automated, contextual warnings and reminders to help users make better choices.

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Automated Response & Remediation

Automate response actions based on your risk tolerance, processes and enforced risk types.

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Cloud-Native Email Security in Minutes

With just three clicks from an administrator, and without changes to MX routing or BCCing of email to a vendor, GreatHorn allows your organization to become operational within minutes.

GreatHorn is built to leverage cloud-native, cloud-first principles, using platform APIs to continuously identify and mitigate threats.

Adaptive Threat Detection & Analytics

GreatHorn’s Adaptive Threat Analytics uses machine learning and data science to quickly and automatically learn the legitimate communication patterns specific to each sender and recipient, making it easy to spot the anomalous emails, attachments, and links that typify suspicious content.

Adaptive Threat Detection & Analytics
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User Education at the Moment of Risk

There is no such thing as 100% prevention. GreatHorn uses context-specific smart banners, reminders, suspicious link previews, and phish reporting to take user education out of the classroom and into the real world, providing contextual warnings to employees if suspicious emails enter their inboxes.

Drastically Improve Your Incident Response and Remediation

GreatHorn’s integrated incident response capabilities make it easy for security professionals to perform bulk removal on threats that have made it to user mailboxes. Using GreatHorn Email Security’s robust search interface, incident response teams can quickly identify the breadth of a given attack and immediately remove the threats from any user’s mailbox.

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“Do More Faster”

“Spend time in a Techstars office, and you’ll likely hear someone say, ‘Do More Faster’ – one of our favorite phrases. GreatHorn’s fully automated policy engine keeps us secure while allowing us to focus on delivering value to our companies, entrepreneurs, and communities.”

– Jed Christiansen
Director of Technology
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