GreatHorn Support Policy


“Delayed Processing” is defined as mail analysis and action that requires time beyond the defined Read Time Interval; for each calendar day, Delayed Processing is the sum of the length (in minutes) of delayed Analysis and Action that occurs in that day.

“Read Time Interval” is defined as a period of six hundred (600) seconds from receipt of an event from the mail platform APIs, that is, from the time that any given message within a mailbox is made available to GreatHorn from the underlying mail system, e.g., G Suite, Office 365, etc..

“Analysis and Action” is defined as the processing of an event by the GreatHorn platform, from the conclusion of the Read Time Interval until the completion of any algorithmic assessment of that event from a threat, risk, and statistical analysis perspective. 


GreatHorn Support and SLA Policy

GreatHorn provides customer support to assist customers with the configuration and use of the GreatHorn service at no additional charge. If a customer purchases or otherwise obtains a subscription to a GreatHorn product from an authorized managed service provider, then customer should contact such managed service provider for support.

GreatHorn customer support for all other customers is available via an online ticketing system, as well as via telephone and email, at no additional cost or charge. Support tickets may be submitted via:

GreatHorn offers 24×7 Support


Classification Time to First Response Update Frequency Resolution Time
Priority 1 Within 1 hour of GreatHorn receipt of report via phone Every 30 minutes following initial response Workaround or permanent fix provided within 4 hours
Priority 2 Within 4 hours of GreatHorn receipt of report via phone, email, or ticket creation Every 2 hours following initial response Workaround or permanent fix provided within 5 business days

Priority 1: A problem or issue that results in Delayed Processing as defined above, for which no workaround is immediately available, and which results in a critical business impact for a customer.

Priority 2: Any problem or issue that degrades but does not totally disrupt or make unavailable GreatHorn’s Analysis and Action capabilities.