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In-the-Moment User Education

Warn employees of risk at the moment of potential phish engagement.

Reduce employee engagement with suspicious email

Email threats don’t follow simulated patterns – and neither do employees.

GreatHorn uses context-specific banners, reminders, suspicious link previews, and phish reporting to take user education out of the classroom and into the real world, warning employees of real-life phishing situations living in inboxes.

Reinforce security awareness training when you need it most

With GreatHorn’s easy-to-understand, digestible warnings, your employees can contribute to an organization’s security posture rather than detract from it.

Warning Banners

Provide your users with insights into suspicious email to help end users make better decisions.

GreatHorn’s fully customizable banners can contain specific instructions and context relevant to an individual email to warn employees of a specific threat.

Branding options help employees know when the alert is real.


Policy Reinforcement

Your business processes can help reduce the risk of potential phishing attacks – but only if your employees follow them.

By using our customizable banners to reinforce your processes, you can remind employees of the steps they need to take before putting the company’s finances or confidential information at risk.


Suspicious Link Preview

By analyzing the email, domain, context, and hundreds of other factors, GreatHorn identifies and blocks known malicious sites and can provide previews of links deemed suspicious.

GreatHorn’s suspicious link preview also uses advanced computer vision to determine if a destination site is a credential theft site, blocking employees from accessing it.

Learn more about GreatHorn’s Link Protection capabilities

GreatHorn Reporter

GreatHorn’s client-side plug-in offers “Report-as-Phish” capabilities to contribute to your security posture. Since these reports are integrated directly into GreatHorn Email Security, response teams can easily determine if the threat is real, and quickly identify and remove other instances of an emerging attack.

The plug-in also provides employees with stoplight-level analysis of a given email’s risk level in easy-to-understand terms.

Learn more about GreatHorn Reporter

Threats don’t stop at your perimeter.

Your email security shouldn’t either.

By going beyond interactive modules and simulations, you can help employees make safe decisions when faced with email threats, from phishing attacks and business email compromise to insider threats.

With GreatHorn, you extend your defenses beyond your skilled security team to the entirety of your organization. GreatHorn banners, warning pages, and reporting capabilities are designed to reinforce security education, to keep security top of mind when it matters most.

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