GreatHorn Strengthens and Personalizes Email Security with New End-User-Focused Solution

GreatHorn Mailbox Protection provides users with personalized security context, email flagging capabilities, and customized controls

mailbox intelligence highlightedWaltham, MA – November 14, 2018 GreatHorn, the leading cloud-native email security provider, today announced GreatHorn Mailbox Intelligence, a new addition to the company’s comprehensive email security platform. Designed to provide users with the tools and insights they need to make better decisions about how they interact with their email, the new solution builds upon the proprietary threat detection capabilities offered through the company’s flagship product GreatHorn Email Security (see related announcement) to provide real-time, contextual understanding of the security risk posed by any email.

In addition to drawing upon industry-leading threat intelligence, GreatHorn Mailbox Protection analyzes the technical and organizational fingerprint of the sender, as well as the unique communication patterns and relationships between the sender, recipient, and the recipient’s organization.

“The security industry continues to treat users as the ‘weakest link’ in their security practices, rather than as intelligent, informed, and vital parts of a true security posture,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO and co-founder of GreatHorn. “Until today, email users have not been provided with meaningful context or the security tools they need to make better risk decisions at the moment that they open and interact with their messages. With GreatHorn Mailbox Protection, however, relationship and risk data will be immediately and easily accessible to the user without needing technical training or having to navigate to another system. GreatHorn Mailbox Protection empowers end users to take action from the front lines, further reducing their organizations’ susceptibility to today’s advanced email attacks.”

By installing GreatHorn Mailbox Protection, users will be able to quickly and visually understand the:

  • Strength of their relationship – and that of their organization as a whole – with the sender;
  • Date of their last outbound communication with the sender;
  • Likelihood that the sender is sending from his or her purported domain; and
  • Relative risk of any embedded links within the email.

In addition, the new product provides users the ability to provide instant feedback and reduce the presence of persistent junk within their inboxes by:

  • Confirming an email as a phishing attempt and quarantining it;
  • Marking an email as spam and moving it to the trash; and
  • Quickly and easily building a personal sender block list to reduce unwanted mail.

GreatHorn Mailbox Protection is available in beta today and will soon be available for general release through the Microsoft Office Store or the Google Chrome Web Store.

About GreatHorn

GreatHorn simplifies email security by automating the cycle of email security – through continuous threat detection, defense, and incident response. Office 365 and G Suite customers using GreatHorn not only gain enterprise-class protection against both sophisticated phishing attacks and traditional threats, they also reduce complexity, manual remediation time, and negative impact on business operations.

By combining deep relationship analytics with continuously evolving user and organizational profiling, GreatHorn’s cloud-native email security platform provides adaptive, anomaly-based threat detection that secures email from malware, ransomware, executive impersonations, credential theft attempts, business services spoofing, and other social engineering-based phishing attacks. More information is available at

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