Can We Continue to Function Without Facts?

In today’s world, disinformation is common, skewing reality from fiction.  It’s a place where facts are minimized – regardless of the truth.

The moon landing was faked.
Secret societies rule the world.
5G towers are spreading COVID-19.

False claims, regardless of who they are made by, are disinformation.

At GreatHorn, we believe in facts.  Whether it’s in email security or in society, these facts allow us to make better and more informed decisions.  The more facts we have, the greater our ability to take action in the areas that create the greatest risk.

Facts matter in email security, such as:

  • Is the email sender really who they say they are?
  • Is the domain valid?
  • Is there a relationship between the sender and recipient?
  • How often does a user engage with suspicious emails?
  • Does the user pass phishing training?
  • Does the biometric keystroke data match the user?
  • Does the email contain a malicious attachment?
  • Does the email contain a link that could be malicious or suspicious?
  • And SO much more

With each factual point of data analyzed within an organization’s email, GreatHorn is better able to identify malicious and suspicious emails.  We gather these facts across every end user, organization and system to develop the most appropriate policies and actions for your organization to minimize risk.  Our goal is to provide you with facts, allowing your organization to receive the most comprehensive email security coverage that will improve your mean time to detect and respond to threats.

GreatHorn. See Through the Dark.

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